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An Audio Library of the District with Thousands of Audio Pieces Officially Opens to the Public

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Recently, the “Audio Library” founded by Chengdu Xiyuan Network Technology Co., Ltd., which has settled in our district, officially made debut appearance in the Eastern Suburb Memory · Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park. The novel reading method attracted many citizens to come and experience.

As an important carrier of the “Sound Library”, ?#8220;Himalayan Reading Pavilion” is located at the west gate of the Eastern Suburb Memory · Chengdu International Fashion Industrial Park. The pavilion's exterior frame is constructed of soundproof glass, and a set of self-developed reading software and professional recording equipment are equipped for visitors to enjoy an excellent private reading space. At the same time, the space also has different kinds of reading and recording contents, which can satisfy the personal needs of users for reading and social sharing for free.

As far as we know, the "Sound Library” has 90 books in 16 sections including "Classic Literature", "Tianfu Culture" and "Red Classic". After scanning the QR codes of these books, you can listen to them for free at anytime anywhere - whether you are at home or in a subway or a bus.

As far as we know, Himalayan, as China's largest audio sharing platform with up to hundreds of millions audio pieces. The "sound library" is hoped to use sound as a carrier to create more "sound" living aesthetics.

According to a principal of the company, there are currently 10 audio libraries in the city. In the next step, the company will set up “Audio Libraries” like the “community nationwide reading experience zone” in enterprises, public areas and communities in our district, which will allow more people to enjoy reading to pass on more valuable voices.