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Three Roads in Qinglong Area Start Construction

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Recently, the reporter learned from Chenghua State-Owned Assets Operation and Investment Co., Ltd. of Chengdu that three roads in Qinglong area officially started construction, and the construction period is expected to be one year.

The municipal road project of Qinglong area is located beside Rd. Zhixiang Lu, with Rd. Dongzi Lu being 550 meters long, Rd. Jingtai Erlu being 600 meters long, and Rd. Donghui Lu being 300 meters long, connecting Rd. Dongzi Lu, Qinglong Square and Waterfront Park respectively. The reporter saw at the site that the construction workers are carrying out road leveling and other foundation construction works.

As far as we know, after the project is completed and opened to traffic, it will create a road network in Qinglong area to enhance the development speed of the area and facilitate the trips of local residents.